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In memory of the strongest warrior @T234 who frequently drives the truck to carry the goods in Myanmar-Yunnan Highway, RGT will launch the new 1/10 vehicle“CRUSHER”as a respect to him.
Crusher, a 4WD classic semi-truck all-terrain crawler, have super climbing performance, making a tribute to the classic vehicle and the Warrior@T234. 

"Crusher", building on a totally new platform, combines all the passion to develop and new design idea to create, equipped with the split transmission structure, 4WD reverse-drive system, the battery in front design, and the horizontal real suspension type. Crusher uses the semi-truck bodyshell design. Then it’s very easy to replace the battery pack with the integrated flip bodyshell. The inspiration of the chassis form is coming from the bionic cobra shape. Crusher has the integrated steel beam, the steel solid link, the factory-fitted ball bearing, high-strength powder metal gear with slipper design, the steel precision CVA drive train, the metal adjustable shock, clip-on wheel, and LED light set, etc.

Crusher is ready to run when you get it.
Crusher is configured with powerful electrical parts, such as the RC550 17T super torque Motor, the Hobby Wing WP-1060 waterproof for crawler which is supporting LiPO mode, 15KG waterproof servo with metal gear, 7.2V 2000mAh NiMH battery pack, and special Four Channels Radio with Light Set Controlling function.

“Crusher” uses the semi-truck appearance, showing the great realistic look and the completely retro style. The bodyshell is made of PC material, and has the clear windows painted by pro-environment spray. There have three colors available for option, pearl red, olive green and yellow. The bodyshell accessories include the rear frame car hopper, foot pedal, air grill, light holder, rear-view mirror, wiper, exhaust pipe and snorkel. The decorative stickers are also attached when purchased. 

Transfer Case:
The motor and the gearbox mounted in the front add the weight of the Crawler, improve the climbing traction and increase the climbing angle. The gearbox mounted in the front connects the central transfer case, can decrease the bevel angle between the central drive shaft and the main gear in the gearbox to make effective power transmission. Besides, the transfer case can prevent the motor suddenly stop to affect the climbing performance.
Reverse-Drive Design
The central transfer case adds a set of reverse gears, then the driveshaft in the front and rear gearbox can rotate in opposite directions. For example, when you drive the car, the front driveshaft rotates in counterclockwise, and the rear driveshaft rotates in the clockwise. Reverse-drive design can reduce the axle effect during operation, and well solve the overall balance, wheel lifting, head-up, roll over and other issues in the trail. 

Horizontal Type Rear Suspension:
The horizontal type rear suspension uses the adjustable damping metal shock absorber. 
Flip Bodyshell
The flip bodyshell opening mode can remove the original body post, and make the overall appearance more beautiful. Also, it’s easier to replace the battery pack. Through the magnet locked with screws in the chassis, not the glue or adhesive tape applied on the bodyshell surface, the bodyshell is well fixed and can’t fall off. Besides, Crusher reserves the body post mounting hole, then the player can use the different bodyshell at any time. 

1. Motor mounted in the front, Split Transmission Structure & 4D Reverse-Drive Design
2. One-piece Gearbox Housing, Main Gear with slipper, high-strength metal Drive Gear
3. Transfer Case and Front & Rear Driveshafts use the adjustable metal CVD 
4. Front steering driveshaft adopt high precision steel CVA
5. Adjustable metal suspension, Front Shock apply the two-stage spring structure, Rear Shock apply the horizontal type with the body post mount reserved
6. PC bodyshell assembled with plastic body accessories. Flip bodyshell makes the vehicle more beautiful and easier to use
7. 1.9-inch clip-on wheel. An additional wheel is packed when purchased, or the metal counterweight is available for selection.
8. LED light set with rear brake light 
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